Visually Dynamic Overviews Pique Students’ Interest

Before teaching the five major movements of American literature, it’s important to hook students’ attention with a visual summary of the important elements and philosophies that marked the distinct eras of Colonialism, Romanticism, Realism, and Modernism. (The hallmarks of Post-Modernism/Contemporary Lit. have proven to be a bit harder to nail down since experts can’t seem to agree on the elements that guide today’s writers. Guess my great-grandkids will have a better sense of what’s really happening in the literary world today.)

Using slick technology, build a bridge between students’ knowledge of American history and their understanding of the forces that guided some of our best writers. To take a closer look at the lecture materials, just click here.


10 thoughts on “Visually Dynamic Overviews Pique Students’ Interest

  1. Is there a way to purchase this poster of literary movements?

  2. Thanks for your interest, Leslie. Unfortunately, the resolution of the images within the Prezi slides is too low (tried to keep the file’s data size reasonable for folks), so the images get fuzzy/pixelated when you try to print and enlarge the full layout. Sadly, no posters are available at this time.

    Glad you found me! 🙂 Laura

  3. Lynn Roesch says:

    I purchase the Colonialism thinking that it would have all of the literary movements. How do I get the other ones?

  4. Cheri Monik says:

    Looking forward to when a poster of these literary movements is available. It’s such a great visual. All of your instructional materials are great!

  5. Thanks, Cheri! If I can ever figure out my resolution issues… 😉

  6. Laura, if you print out a small, clear copy (8.5″x11″) and take an evenly-lighted photo of the image with a good smartphone camera, you can use that JPG file to create a poster version or offer to sell your JPG and people can print their own poster for cheap at Costco.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Jennifer! I’ll try to wrest my husband’s phone away and give this a go. *fingerscrossed* 🙂

  8. Victoria Herrmann says:

    I’ve purchased all of your overviews (I love them so much), but I was wondering how exactly you use them. Do you just use them for informal lecturing or do you expect students to actually take notes and all? I’m thinking of incorporating the information into assignments, tests, or quizzes or something to hold my students accountable and make sure they are making an effort to learn this information. They might very well see some of this information on their standardized test at the end of the year! I was wondering if you do something similar or just use it to get them a brief look at the time period before moving on. Thanks for all you do!

  9. Thanks for checking in with me, Victoria! Yes, I use these lectures just to give kids a general overview of the time period we’re about to study. I don’t require them to take notes and I don’t test them on the content. I use one on the first day I introduce a new movement in American Lit. and I think the kids like seeing how our history flows. Of course, you could expand your use of the slides/information. Do I sense this may become a research project or speech topic generator? 🙂

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