We need our students to write regularly for a variety of purposes on different topics, but don’t want to hear the groans that usually accompany such tasks. Luke Neff provides the solution. Neff, a former humanities teacher with a background in graphic design, is the World’s Greatest Writing Prompt Slide Creator. (Is that an actual thing? Well, it is now.)

Neff has created a virtual library of free materials for all of us to enjoy with our students.

A few samples of his work:




You could use the slides as daily writing warm-ups, weekly creative writing work, or monthly portfolio building assignments. My calendar, alas, is so packed that I usually can squeeze in only a handful of Neff’s writing prompts each year, but my freshmen are always excited when one of Neff’s slides appears on the whiteboard.

Do yourself a favor. Click here to visit Neff’s main writing prompt site or here to view the master list of the 180 prompts he’s used with his previous classes. Be sure to bring a bag to haul away all the jewels you’ll find.

Please note: I have no connection or business relationship with Luke Neff and have received nothing for promoting his work here. I’m just a fan who wants to share the wealth of his awesomeness with my fellow English teachers.


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