Micro Fiction – Flash Fiction – Two-Sentence Stories – Sudden Fiction – Twitter Tales

Whatever you want to call them, super-short stories are a super-fun way to spend a single class period, as you introduce your teens to the idea that an entire story can exist within just a few lines.

Micro fiction can pack an emotional wallop. Take, for instance, this two-sentence tale:


Or, how about this creepy moment?


Whether you’re looking to launch a creative writing unit or just need a breather day between major units, try two-sentence storytelling. Click here to view my ready-to-use materials or Google “flash fiction” to find a wide variety of approaches/inspiration.

Teach on, everyone!

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  1. Great!!! Thanks a lot!


  2. So glad you like this, Amal! Thanks for being a reader. 🙂 Laura


  3. Hello Laura,

    I bought your Micro Fiction package from TpT two years back and I love it…however, the links to the prezi have expired..? Any chance you could email me a new link? Happy to pay again if that’s required…


  4. Thanks so much for your purchase and for letting me know about this tech trouble, Dave. No need to re-purchase this item. It seems the Prezi.com folks updated their website last month with coding that now requires a different link to access the online versions of slide decks. All Prezi links that go along with all of my items are now updated, but you’ll need to re-download this product from your “My Purchases” area on TpT to grab the updated link information.

    My apologies for the hassle and any frustration the Prezi coding change may have caused. Technology is great…until it’s not, eh? I promise, you’ll be back up and running soon with those slides. Hang in there!
    🙂 Laura


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