Maybe it’s just because I’m starting the Moderns unit with my juniors tomorrow, but The Great Gatsby has been all up in my face this weekend. First broke the news that Snooki – let’s just “loosely” describe her as a reality T.V. star – channeled her inner Daisy Buchanan yesterday during her Gatsby-themed wedding to Jionni LaValle. Oh Snooki, you beautiful little fool, don’t you know that Gatsby’s a tragedy, not a romance?

gatsby-tee-18_1024x1024Then, my Christmas shopping list grew by at least three pages when a friend referred me to Litographs, a t-shirt design company that can squeeze 40,000 words on a single garment. This Gatsby shirt (hooray for the woman’s cut!) is at the top of my own wishlist, but they also have gorgeous designs for Virgil’s The Aeneid, Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, and a bunch of other favorites. (My philosophy-major son is getting Plato’s The Republic, but shhh…don’t tell him. It’s a secret.)

And a final slice of Gatsby-inspired awesomeness comes from Ashley Stroud and Postmodern Jukebox, who turned Iggy Azalea’s hip-hop “Fancy” into something oh-so-much better:

I know what I’ll be playing in my classroom when my fourth-period juniors arrive tomorrow.

Teach on, everyone!

(Please note: I have no business affiliation or relationship of any kind with I just think the site’s stuff is ah-mazing.)

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  1. Also, the picture of the royal couple attending the NBA game and meeting Beyonnce and JayZee is a pretty good illustration of East Egg meeting West Egg.


  2. Thanks, Paige. I hadn’t seen this one, but you know I love it. And just a week after Snooki’s wedding, too. Awesome! If folks want to check out those royals, go here:


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