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All is Calm, All is Bright

Thanks for spending part of your fall semester here with me. I am so grateful for my readers/colleagues, my students, and (of course!) my loving, endlessly patient family.

Before the neighborhood’s annual Christmas Eve brunch block party gets going this morning (thanks, Kris and Chris, for hosting), I wanted to spread a little holiday cheer, English-teacher style.

Sonja Schulz created this ah-mazing snowman:

And Shawn Calhoun posted this photo of the epic Christmas Tree/Tome Tower at the Univ. of San Francisco’s Gleeson Library:

Admittedly, the Randazzo family decorations are a bit more modest, but Sonja and Shawn have inspired me to step up my game for Christmas 2015.

May you have a restful, peaceful season of love.

Your fan,

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