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Happy New Year!

The lazy pajamas-til-noon days of winter break are sliding by and soon it’ll be time to reintroduce yourself to your alarm clock. Gear up now and ease your prep load in this long weekend before The Return to School, by visiting my shop. After all, nothing will help you ring in the new year and stick to those resolutions like a computer file full of freshly downloaded lessons, right? Okay…maybe not.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Be sure to check out my newest items:
Unbroken/Farewell to Manzanar compare-and-contrast of WW2 non-fiction
Logical Fallacies featuring political, commercial, and pop culture examples
How to give a powerful speech (high-quality informational text assignment)

Or some of my all-time bestsellers:
Full year of grammar, lit. term, and vocabulary bell ringers/warm-ups
Five-minute essay grading system to help tame your paperload monster
Four-week print-and-teach unit on classic short stories

Short on cash? Oh, I hear ya – that Christmas credit card bill will be arriving soon. But don’t feel left out. Just click here, scroll down the page, and scoop up lots of free resources you can use with your students next week, next month, or next year.

Teach on, everyone!

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