The usual posters of Poe, Twain, and Shakespeare stare down at my students as we work. Tons of tchotchkes and students’ prom pictures fill the front of my room; my back wall cabinets, though, are gray and bare.

I reserve those cabinet doors for a revolving display of student work. Unfortunately, I’m not very artsy-craftsy with my assignments and posting copies of graded essays doesn’t exactly engage eyeballs, so I struggle at times to find appropriate things to post on those doors.

One solution? Colorful sticky notes and an invitation for students to add to the decorative display.

Recently, I grabbed a few favorites from my Micro Fiction lesson and posted them along with an invitation for kids in all my classes to join the creative writing fun.

Here’s how it looks:

use1 use2 use3 use4 use5

Students (and administrators!) love the interactive quality of these types of displays.

Interested? You can use my Micro Fiction lesson materials located here or how about:
• posting a cool photo and inviting students to build their own haiku?
• posting a nearly finished poem and having students contribute the final rhyming couplet?
• posting a few funny or weird news articles and encouraging students to write headlines?

All you need is to display a fun little writing task and be ready with lots of Post-It Notes.

Teach on, everyone!

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  1. Cool idea!


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