Today was the last day of my school year out here in California. Whew!

After filing grades and turning in my parking pass, I was reminded of one of the many reasons I love this exhausting gig – the finality of a school year.

In most other Jobs in Grown-Up Land, you’re never really done. Every day must feel like another batch of the same as yesterday, reminding me of this Dunkin’ Donuts classic (Any other GenXers out there?):

We’re the lucky ones, though. Not only is every day of high school an unpredictable bullet train of wacky fun, but the entire school year works toward building something of lasting value. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still donut baking-tired at the end of some weeks, but our work has a beginning, a middle, and a very clear end. I like that.

Yes, the cycle will start anew in August, but somehow every year feels different. It’s a mystery of human chemistry that rosters of 34 teens never create exactly the same mojo in a classroom; one section will be super-serious, while the next class will be stacked with standup comedians. Also, I’m forever tinkering and changing curriculum, so no two years ever look exactly alike.

Now that summer’s officially arrived, I’m going to collapse recharge my batteries over the next few weeks. Then, I’ll be back in front of my laptop, mixing up a fresh batch of lessons for the new year.

Vacation on, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Freedom!

  1. But what happened with your projects??? Did your juniors do as well as the freshmen??? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Oh yes, Jacqui, the 20Time Projects were incredible for both juniors and freshmen alike! I want to write a wrap-it-up post and feature a few of my favorites, but I seriously haven’t had time to blink in these last few weeks. Don’t worry, though. The 20Time wrap-up post is high on my “to-do” list. 🙂

    UPDATE: At last! Here’s my final 20Time post:

  3. You know, you’re *right*. I hadn’t actually thought about it that way. I have said for many years that “Grown-Up Landers” do not get enough vacation time to sustain well-rounded lives. You’ve articulated it in clearer terms. I do love that about our jobs: not only do we get time to recharge, but to reassess as well. We can look critically at what worked and what didn’t, and adjust with the luxury of dispassionate distance.

    My goodness, how many mornings I drag my sorry little feet across the carpet, mumbling “Time to make the doughnuts” to myself! Thank you for the giggle.

  4. “Dispassionate distance” – love that, TechLady. Let’s enjoy these well-deserved vacations and then get to some calendar sliding!

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