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Such a Simple Fix

In the business world, project managers love to drop the “Pick Any Two” line on clients who want something fast, cheap, and good. “Yeah, well,” designers will say, scratching their goateed chins, “you can pick any two of those, but you can’t have all three.”

Teacher friends, allow me to bust the classic Project Management Triangle with my own fast, good, and cheap solution to my latest problem – how to find a class set of affordable whiteboards.

Looking on Amazon, a set of 10 individual-sized white boards runs about $21.00. I, like many of you, have class sizes of 34-35, so I would need four sets, for a total of $84. Um…that’s a little spendy, folks. What to do? Build my own set in a way that’s faster, better, and way cheaper.

What to do: Grab a stack of page protectors (less than 10 cents each in a 100-pack I already had in my office closet), slide a sheet of paper inside, and – boom! – I now have a set of 40 dry-erase boards ready to roll for the fall semester.

Yet another win for education.

Teach on, everyone!

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