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Feeling Brave?

While searching for classroom decor (I’m guilty of being a minimalist when it comes to these things), I read a great suggestion by EdWeek’s Nancy Flanagan, who used photos of colleagues when they were in high school to build a clever hallway bulletin board. I’m not in charge of decorating the school’s display cases (Hallelujah!), but I loved her idea of using throwback photos to help kids connect to us.

In a dusty box of yearbooks, I unearthed this little nugget from 1987 that I’m going to (gulp) share with my students. Since I teach mostly freshmen, I plan to use this yearbook shot from my freshman year (go ahead and do the math, folks) as one of my first-day meme lecture slides. I’m hopeful the ‘80s hair will get a laugh or two, but also that the kids will think, “Hey, I might have been her friend back in the day.”

(Yes, it took A LOT of Aqua Net to get that look.)

On a barely related topic, I finally updated my thumbnail photo this week. The old one was from five years ago and rather prominently featured my husband’s nose and goatee. Anyway, here’s what I actually look like these days, in case you were wondering.

Teach on, everyone!

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