A Slick Idea

Usually when I find a chunk of text to use for a close reading, I’ll typeset the passage on a fresh page, using wide margins and triple-spacing so my students will have lots of room to write. I am limited, however, in the number of copies I’m allowed to make each year, so I’m thinking this gem of an idea from She Pins, She Tries, She Posts will work in my classroom, especially when we’re studying a single poem in our literature textbook. History and science teachers might even find themselves breakin’ these out every week.

I already have the felt square “erasers” that were heralded by readers over on my homemade whiteboard post, so now I just need to get some parents to donate a bunch of those skinny dry erase markers and I’ll be good to go.

Teach on, everyone!

5 thoughts on “A Slick Idea

  1. I started doing this last year and love it! You can also take a full page protector and place a front and back article in it. You can see how I’m organizing all this in my rows on my recent Instagram post (@Bsbooklove).

  2. Groovy! Saves on sticky note overload and is an excellent idea especially when introducing annotations with close reading. Yay!

  3. Cassandra says:

    You can also leave the page protectors intact and create your own collection of close reading pieces to use each year. Slip them into the protectors and keep them in a notebook until they are needed. After they’re clean, store them for the next class. They can be used for multiple classes and multiple years. You could even use them for quizzes.

  4. Great minds think alike, Cassandra. You and Ashley (above) must have been messaging me at the exact same time. I love my teacher tribe!

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