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Seating Chart = Flow Chart

With only a few summer days remaining, it’s time to start the move back into good ol’ Room H-9 and build a fresh batch of seating charts. Blog reader Suzanne asked this week how I set up my classroom, so here’s a quick look at my untraditional layout:

Oh yeah, did I mention that I just started a YouTube channel? Please “like,” comment, or subscribe over on the YouTube channel page, which helps other teachers find the video and this blog. It’s been a great summer, with so many useful comments and great ideas from readers. A HUGE thanks to those folks who take a moment to comment or submit an idea, which always adds fuel to my fire. And if you’re a reader who doesn’t want to comment, that’s cool. I understand. I know you’re out there and I hope you’re finding things here to feed your own flames, too. So thanks, everyone, for your friendship and support of our little learning community – in whatever form it takes.

With the arrival of the fall semester, I obviously won’t be able to post as often or make a lot of videos, but stay tuned – I always have something bubbling on the backburner.

Let’s go make 15-16 our best year yet. Teach on, everyone!

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