Making a Good First e-Impression

Before students arrive on Tuesday (our first day), I want them to already be excited about my class and ready to rip into the content. One easy way to help set the right tone is to send an introductory email. Luckily, my school district’s tech gurus established Gmail accounts that students use from grades 6 to 12, so I was able to send a warm message of welcome tonight to all of my new kids.

If you’re also able to reach out to your kids before that first-day-of-school bell rings, feel free to copy, paste, and alter my words to suit your situation:

Hi Michael [my school’s Gmail program allows me to automatically drop each student’s first name into this space – cool, no?],

Welcome to Amador Valley! I just received my class list and I’m so excited to see your name among my collection of new people. I hope you’re looking forward to a year of a lot of work and a lot of growth. You’re in high school now and in just four (incredibly fast!) years, the staff at A.V.H.S. will work hard to help you be ready to conquer the adult world. We have a lot of work to do before then, so be ready to hit the ground running when school starts next week.

On Tuesday, be sure to bring your summer dialectical journal assignment and your signed class contract, both of which were sent to your Gmail in early June.

Finally, there’s no better way to launch a school year than to borrow the wisdom of John Green, heralded author and leader of Crash Course. Please take a few minutes out of your last gasp of summer and watch this:

Get some rest this weekend. You’re going to need it.

Looking forward to learning to be less stupid together,
Ms. Randazzo

I just fired this note off this evening and I’ve already received a few enthusiastic replies from eager students, all of which helps build my excitement for the new year, too. Hope this helps you break the ice with your students and start the year strong.

Teach on, everyone!

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