6 thoughts on “Work Hard, Play Hard

  1. Thank you for validating my tutu for Homecoming Week! =D

  2. Stacey Lloyd says:

    You are just simply…. the best; your students must adore you. I dream of colleagues like you! Thank you for the reminder to have fun. Also… LOVING the video! Great to ‘meet’ you.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment, Laura! We have to laugh at ourselves on occasion. I like your Dum-Dums idea. Keep having a fun year, and thanks for being an inspiration.

  4. Man, I thought *I* was the Fun Teacher – but your ideas are terrific. I’m going to pick up a giant bag of Dum Dums today, which will provide endless fun as I am finding it harder & harder as the years go by to remember names.

    And relax about the Lens Flare. If JJ Abrams can do it in every movie, you can claim artistic license. 🙂

  5. meganmcrae727 says:

    I could watch your videos all day! Love, love, love your enthusiasm as always!

  6. Teresa: Indeed! Go rock that tutu, girl!

    Stacey: I, too, wish we taught together. With your style and my sass, we would OWN the English department. Too bad we’re so very, very far away from each other…

    Michelle: Thanks so much! Glad you found a sweet nugget of an idea here.

    TechLady911: Oh, so. many. names. And, I agree, it does seem harder now than it did ten years ago. Maybe the face/name recognition portions of our brains are just saturated at this point? I’m also digging your “artistic license” idea. That’s it! Not only did I want to blind you while you were watching, but I also totally intended for my voice to sound like it was echoing from the bottom of a well. That’s my craftsmanship as a filmmaker at work. 😉

    Meg: Thanks, as always, for YOUR enthusiastic support. So grateful that you found me all those years ago!

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