Back to School Night = Speed Dating?

You want to look good. You have only a few minutes to make a great first impression. And you’re being compared to all of the other teachers a student has on his schedule. That’s right – it’s Back to School Night, also known as the l-o-n-g-e-s-t day of the year. On campus at 7:30 a.m., teach all day, race home, come back, and then lead a full load of mini 10-minute classes for the parents. Honey, you’re lucky if you get out of that post-program traffic clog by 9 p.m.

So, yes, we’re tired when the alarm clock rings oh-so-early the next day, but it really is important for parents/guardians to know us and understand what’s happening in our classrooms. Communication prevents almost every problem and this is a prime opportunity to open those channels.

My daughter’s Back to School Night program was last night and my own sessions were last week, so this feels like the right time to share a bit about how I fill those minutes.

Warning: This video is a little longer than my other ones because I take you through the full 10-minute script.

The Prezi slides I built as visual support are free and available here. Hope you’re having a great September. Teach on, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Back to School Night = Speed Dating?

  1. You bring up some great points! Thanks! Your energy is so contagious, and it has kept me going through each week. I was surprised that you are able to ask for money–that’s great! We had parents complain that we asked for tissues as a form of payment for one of the school dances last year to replenish our supply. I’m afraid that our attendance for BTSN would be even lower than the anemic numbers that we presently have.
    Thanks for allowing us to have a sneak peek into your spiel. 🙂

  2. Yeah, Michelle, we have to be super-careful and VERY clear that it’s a completely voluntarily donation. No lab “fees” or required amounts. We can’t even require specific binders or supplies. And, personally, I think a box of tissues for a full evening of dancing with my friends sounds like an excellent bargain! 😉

  3. Love this idea…and so TRUE! Thanks for this blog….now when can I get me my #1 Laura Randazzo Fan Tshirt?

  4. Ah, Stacey, it was so great to meet you and Emmy at EdCamp yesterday. It was a great event and you two now have me excited about the possibilities of Project-Based Learning, even in my traditional classroom. You guys rock!

  5. I just HAD to tell you how thankful I am for your website (and now TeachersPayTeachers material)! I have been teaching juniors and seniors in both advanced and general English for the past four years and a) your website has inspired me and b) your website confirms some things I have been thinking about and teaching- this is so refreshing for a somewhat new-ish teacher! Thank you!!!

  6. So glad you found me, Brenlee! Thanks for reading and commenting. This just put wind in my sails. 🙂

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