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Interactive Whiteboard Fix

It’s official: My SmartBoard is dead. After eight years of faithful service, the board recently gave up the ghost after numerous failed life-support attempts. Since the warranty expired long ago, I was forced to unplug/say goodbye.

A replacement board would cost thousands (money my district doesn’t have), so I was left searching for a creative and affordable solution. Enter IPEVO.

Using the same technology as a TV remote, the IPEVO IS-01 device connects to your computer, turning the projected image into an interactive experience. You can manipulate the projection with a special pen/wand, writing with digital ink or using the pen as a mouse to control your computer. It works on any hard surface like a plain wall, though I prefer the smooth surface of an old-school whiteboard because my classroom walls are covered with bumpy stucco texture.

Here’s what the IS-01 includes:

And here’s a closer look at how I use the pen in class:

The device, which you can learn more about here, costs just $149. What the heck? That’s a BARGAIN compared to the price of similar technologies. If you’re interested, convince your administrator to buy one for your campus and let you pilot it in your classroom. You’ll be thrilled at this little gizmo’s ability to engage students and increase their focus on the board; they’ll all want a turn with the pen.

Please note: I have no relationship of any kind with IPEVO and do not benefit financially from this product review. I simply found a tool that’s working great in my classroom and wanted to share it with my blog readers.

That’s all for now. Teach on, everyone!

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