What I’m Teaching This Week: 11/2-11/6

After an extra hour of sleep (thanks, Daylight Saving Time) to recover from this weekend’s sugar-crazed Halloween shenanigans, I’m looking forward to the calm cruise of early November. My freshmen just finished our short story unit and are ready to gnaw on a (slightly) longer piece of literature. So for the next three weeks, we’ll consume, digest, and be nourished by John Steinbeck’s famous novella, Of Mice and Men.

This week’s plan:

Open with a five-minute M.U.G. Shot (Mechanics, Usage, Grammar) Monday mini-lecture/bell-ringer.

Assign a new seating chart and announce Second Quarter Trio teams.

Give a One-Question Quizzer covering the weekend’s reading assignment of ch. 1 from Of Mice and Men.

Complete a full-class close reading of three sections from ch. 1 and discuss guided questions from the chapter.

Begin reading ch. 2 aloud.

For HW, students will need to finish reading ch. 2.

Open with a five-minute Lit. Term Tuesday mini-lecture/bell-ringer.

Give a One-Question Quizzer from last night’s reading of ch. 2 from Of Mice and Men.

In teams of two, students will complete a think-pair-share of guided questions from ch. 2.

Introduce bunkhouse drawing assignment and show samples from previous classes.

For HW, students need to finish their bunkhouse drawings. No additional reading assigned tonight.

Open with a ten-minute Words on Wednesday vocabulary mini-lecture/bell-ringer.

Announce an Instagram Quarter Trio Challenge: Student teams will be assigned to use an original photo taken on campus to illustrate any sentence from the first two chapters of Steinbeck’s novella. The photos need to be posted to the team’s social media account and include Steinbeck’s sentence in the message line. Also, teams will need to send the url of the posting to me via a Google Form, which will help keep me organized.

Teams of two will complete this Day in the Life of Working Poor activity.

Begin reading ch. 3 from Of Mice and Men.

For HW, students will finish reading ch. 3 of the text and complete guided questions from that chapter as homework.

Give a One-Question Quizzer from last night’s reading of ch. 3 from Of Mice and Men.

Review the guided questions from ch. 3 and then complete a close-reading of two passages.

Begin reading ch. 4, which will need to be finished for Monday.

For HW, students will continue to read ch. 4 and bring their S.S.R. books to class tomorrow.

Brain Teaser and trivia game for new Quarter Trio groups.

Students will use the remaining class time to read their S.S.R. books.

For HW, students will be assigned to complete an Analogies worksheet and finish reading ch. 4, if they haven’t already done so.

And finally…
Teach on, everyone!

2 thoughts on “What I’m Teaching This Week: 11/2-11/6

  1. Your lesson plans for the week look fantastic! I wish I had had an English teacher like you when I was a freshman!! Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see what’s happening in high school. (I teach 3rd grade)

  2. Thanks, Jamie! I imagine your full-day, multi-discipline lesson plans are quite a bit more complicated. My single-subject prep must look rather simple to you. 🙂

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