We just finished discussing animal imagery and symbolism at the end of ch. 1 from Of Mice and Men today when one of my freshmen gleefully shared a page from his new algebra book. Apparently, Lennie’s dream of raising rabbits presents a fertile opportunity for use of an exponential equation. Here’s the page:

So English teacher friend, can you solve this question? How many rabbits would George and Lennie have at the end of one year? The answer – I think my freshman and I have our math right – has been posted in the comments section below.

I’m leaving you now with 30 seconds of Lennie’s dream come true:

Teach on, everyone!

2 thoughts on “George+Lennie=Algebra?

  1. 1024 rabbits

  2. Yea, Amy! You’re so great for trying and were on the right track. (Check your email for a little “thanks for playing” surprise!) For everyone else, here’s the answer…8,192 rabbits! What the what?! Here’s how it works: At the end of the first month, there would be four rabbits – the original two, plus their two offspring. Then, the breeding numbers grow exponentially:
    Month 2 = 8 rabbits
    Month 3 = 16 rabbits
    Month 4 = 32 rabbits
    Month 5 = 64 rabbits
    Month 6 = 128 rabbits
    Month 7 = 256 rabbits
    Month 8 = 512 rabbits
    Month 9 = 1,024 rabbits
    Month 10 = 2,048 rabbits
    Month 11 = 4,096 rabbits
    Month 12 = 8,192 rabbits
    Whew! Now that’s a lot of fluff.

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