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Teacher Hack (or, This One’s for Eunice)

Things were truckin’ along nicely during first period this morning when I realized I hadn’t yet sliced up my sonnet topic slips. I’d made the copies last week and left them on my desk, but, distracted by some juicy before-school gossip with my hallway teacher friends (we’re going to find out the name of our new principal at tomorrow night’s school board meeting – oh, the drama!), I hadn’t quite finished all of my prep work.

So there I was, wrapping up my Prezi lecture when I spotted the stack of unsliced poetry slips. Ack! I’m not ready to hand those out yet.

Instead of asking students to hold a minute or two, I gave the Write Like Will worksheets to a girl in the front row to pass out to the class, knowing it would buy me a little time to start slicing. Then, mid-slice, I said, “Thanks, Eunice. Now, Rhea, nice and loud, please read the directions to the class.”

Before Rhea had finished reading, I was able to finish slicing and dump the slips into the top of a manila folder box. Whew, made it! I smiled and said, “Thanks, Rhea. Nice job, and I appreciate you taking over so I could finish up over here.”

Eunice laughed and said, “Ms. R., you should call that a teacher hack and put it on your blog.” Okay, Eunice. Done.

Teach on, everyone!

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