Teacher Hack (or, This One’s for Eunice)

Things were truckin’ along nicely during first period this morning when I realized I hadn’t yet sliced up my sonnet topic slips. I’d made the copies last week and left them on my desk, but, distracted by some juicy before-school gossip with my hallway teacher friends (we’re going to find out the name of our new principal at tomorrow night’s school board meeting – oh, the drama!), I hadn’t quite finished all of my prep work.

So there I was, wrapping up my Prezi lecture when I spotted the stack of unsliced poetry slips. Ack! I’m not ready to hand those out yet.

Instead of asking students to hold a minute or two, I gave the Write Like Will worksheets to a girl in the front row to pass out to the class, knowing it would buy me a little time to start slicing. Then, mid-slice, I said, “Thanks, Eunice. Now, Rhea, nice and loud, please read the directions to the class.”

Before Rhea had finished reading, I was able to finish slicing and dump the slips into the top of a manila folder box. Whew, made it! I smiled and said, “Thanks, Rhea. Nice job, and I appreciate you taking over so I could finish up over here.”

Eunice laughed and said, “Ms. R., you should call that a teacher hack and put it on your blog.” Okay, Eunice. Done.

Teach on, everyone!


4 thoughts on “Teacher Hack (or, This One’s for Eunice)

  1. meganmcrae727 says:

    Way to go, Eunice! Students are the best helpers in a pinch. We are getting a new principal for next year as well. I don’t do well with change…unless I’m implementing one of your new products haha. Fingers crossed we both get good ones!

  2. Fingers crossed, indeed, Meg! We’ve had a lot of change on our campus in the past three years, so I’m really, really hoping for a stabilizing force. I’ll know more tomorrow night, I guess. 🙂

    And, yes, Eunice is a delight!

  3. Regina Anguiano says:

    Hello Laura,
    I’m teaching the sonnet Prezi presentation this week, but can’t open up the presentation that’s included in the Full Year. I keep getting a 403 error. Can you help? Thanks

  4. Thanks so much for your purchase and for letting me know about this tech trouble, Regina. Indeed, it seems the Prezi.com folks updated their website a few months ago with coding that now requires a different link to access the online versions of slide decks. All Prezi links that go along with all of my items are now updated, but you’ll need to re-download this product from your “My Purchases” area within TpT to grab the updated link information.

    My apologies for the hassle and any frustration the Prezi coding change may have caused. Technology is great…until it’s not, eh? I promise, you’ll be back up and running soon with those slides. Hang in there!
    🙂 Laura

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