Sometimes You Just Gotta Pop Off

With A.P. exams beginning next week and the state SBAC hitting right after that, our leadership students surprised and delighted the campus this morning with a fresh way to relieve some stress – they blanketed the quad with bubble wrap and invited everyone to pop away.

One minute spent popping the tiny bubbles will drain as much stress as a 33-minute massage, claims Sealed Air Corporation, a company that makes bubble wrap. While that stat seems insane, I gotta admit that I did feel better after going through several square feet of the stuff with my freshmen during passing periods. We popped traditional-style. We popped in time to a beatbox kid. We tap-danced on a fresh sheet. I held a small clump behind my back as my next class arrived and squeezed it as I pretended to crack my neck, making it sound like I’d just paralyzed myself. Fun!

This definitely wasn’t a bio-friendly activity; it created wads of balled up plastic that my freshmen turned into temporary beach balls at lunch. Earth Day was on Friday. Bubble Wrap Day was on Monday. Our timing was, um, awkward. But, hey, we gotta keep these kids (and their teachers) mentally balanced, right? Right.

Here are a few photos snapped before school; by brunch, there wasn’t an unpopped bubble to be found:


Teach on, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Pop Off

  1. Where does one find large amounts of bubble wrap for this? I am sure our Student Council could make everyone happy during EOC week! =D

  2. Hey Mstee1220,
    From what I understand, our student activities director has a pretty healthy budget, so maybe just Amazon? Or maybe a local shipping place or office supply shop would want to make a tax-deductible donation to your campus? Happy poppin’!

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