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What I’m Teaching This Week: 6/6-6/10 (Series Finale)

And just like that, it’s the last week of school. This week will be a super-easy teaching week because final exams are scheduled for the last three days of school. So, really, I have only two more teaching days and then I’ll just proctor and score exams. Easy.

Here’s this week’s agenda:

Present this “Words to Live By” lesson where students will compare/contrast three famous examples of adults dispensing advice to young people:
• Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If”
• Polonius’ advice to Laertes in Act 1, Scene 3 of Hamlet
• “Wear Sunscreen” newspaper column

For HW, students should study for their final exam, worth 15 percent (oh!) of the semester grade.

Review of writing portfolios.

Textbook return/book billing, as needed.

Final Quarter Trio challenge (review games for the final) and crowning of the 4th quarter champions.

For HW, students need to be ready for the final exam.

Wednesday – Friday (Final Exams)
Students will have only two exams per day and be finished each day by lunch. My exam will include M.U.G. Shots, vocabulary from Words on Wednesday, some Greek and Latin Roots, a section of Analogies, and Argument Writing questions. Grades must to be filed by 4 p.m. Friday, so there won’t be an essay component this time around; there’s just no time to grade that and, frankly, I’m wrung dry. I’ll simply snap those ZipGrade sheets, upload the scores, and get on with s-u-m-m-e-r.

Vacation on, everyone!

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