Let’s Keep Messing With Their Minds

As I’ve mentioned before, last year’s classes devoured my three sets of Brain Teasers during our Quarter Trio competitions, so building a fourth batch was high on my summer “to do” list. Happily, the latest set is now complete. So…wanna play?

brainteasers4.jpgThe fourth set of 76 slides is now available and I also bundled all four sets together, giving folks nearly 20 percent savings on the entire 304-slide collection. Hope you check ‘em out and add this no-prep option to your toolbox of bell-ringer and/or sponge activities.

Teach on, everyone!


12 thoughts on “Let’s Keep Messing With Their Minds

  1. Heather Hollands says:

    Laura, my students LOVE your brainteasers. This past year, I had planned on doing one each Thursday, but the students always asked for “just one more,” and then they started asking for brainteasers on the other days of the week, too. I am excited to share all of these with my new batch of students. Also, since I know you like to use games in the classroom, here is a huge request……could your arm be twisted to create an escape room lesson that is grammar style or ELA related in another way? I think this would be very popular and so much fun!

  2. Oh my gosh, Heather, a grammar-based Escape Room or Breakout activity is a brilliant idea! You just set my mind whirling. Give me time; ideas need to marinate in my brain noodles for a while, but I am l-o-v-i-n-g your suggestion. Thanks of the inspiration!
    Your fan,

  3. Laura,

    Love your materials!! I get so many ideas from your ideas to boot. Just curious, what is the source of your brain teasers?


  4. Thanks, Charlene! I get most of the teasers from the forum boards over at Reddit. There’s a whole community of us riddlers out there who take great joy in trying to stump each other. Word of warning, though, not all of the questions or commenters’ answers are school-appropriate, so brace yourself. I take a question I like from over there, modify it to work in the classroom, and then keep it on file until I have a semesters’ worth to bundle. Yeah, I’m pretty nerdy like that.

    Glad you like the slides! 🙂

  5. Brilliant! I already have them on my wishlist over at TPT!!!

    I used your first two last year with my EFL teens and they loved them, although some were rather hard for them.

    Sooooo happy you have two new sets out, but I believe this year I’ll only be working with young children under 10. :o( If I get any teens or adults, I’ll definitely be using them!

  6. Super, Carolyn! So glad these worked for your kids. Some of the questions are really tough, but that’s what makes them fun, I think. I definitely have to give clues or hints with some of my classes to keep them going. Also, if I’m racing the clock, a hint at the right moment will always help us beat the bell. Good luck with your younger kids this fall. From high school to littles? Yow-zah!

    Happy summer!
    🙂 Laura

  7. I’m glad you made more brainteasers! My students begged for more than one a week, so I ran out and had to create my own. I would LOVE to see you make escape room types of activities and more game-based activities. Your energy and creativity helped me immensely this school year.

  8. Thanks, Michelle! The Brain Teasers were new to my routine this past year and I was also surprised by the passion my kids showed for them. Whenever I had to skip a week because we were busy with curriculum or I was needing to grade essays during an SSR Friday session instead of hosting a round or two of these, my freshmen were definitely bummed. Now that vol. #4 is finished, I should be good for a full year. *fingers crossed* 🙂

  9. So smart!! Thanks for sharing your tricks! I’ll definitely be using them… (after I buy these, haha).

  10. Sounds good to me, Dana. Hope you’re having a great summer! 🙂

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