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Gift Card Giveaway, Y’all

PLEASE NOTE: The contest has now ended. Congrats to our drawing winners, Prairie Girl and Gloria Autran! The free posters are still available at the link listed below. Thanks.

Happy holidays, blog friend! In this season of gratitude and giving, it’s my pleasure to spread some joy by sharing a little thank-you gift with everyone and giving a really big thank-you prize to two lucky blog readers.

First, everyone can grab this new collection of five inspirational posters/slides for free in my shop. These slides are tied to my latest 20Time project (details to follow in the new year), but I thought we all could use a dose of motivation as we head into 2017. Whether you use the images to decorate your classroom, complete a growth mindset bulletin board in the hallway, or project them as quickwrite warm-ups/conversation starters, folks should be able to get some good use out these messages of hope and endurance.

Second, this week I was generously given two $25 gift certificates from my friends at TpT to share with my gorgeous blog readers. (Yeah, I’m looking at you.) If you wanna snag one of these two prizes, just scroll down to the “Leave a Reply” area below and enter the following:

1. Your email address in the bar at the very bottom (will not be shared publicly or ever used to spam you – I respect your need for an empty emailbox)
2. Your first name in the other bar at the very bottom (or secret spy name, whatever)
3. In the comment box, tell us how many years you’ve been teaching.
4. Finally, tell us about something you’re looking forward to using in your classroom this spring semester (could be a specific TpT product, a fresh teaching strategy, a new-to-you classroom routine, a fluorescent green bean bag chair you just swooped on clearance – really, anything that has you excited for the second half of the year)

Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a random drawing to be held at noon (MST) on Friday, Dec. 30. (NOTE: The contest is now over.) The two winners will be individually notified by email and announced here on the blog. Yea!

Okay, now don’t be shy. I know there are a lot more of you out there reading this than usually comment (blog traffic stats don’t lie), and this is your moment to shed that lurker status. Your odds of winning are really pretty good. I mean, have you seen how short my comment lists usually are? So scroll down and enter already.

Vacation on, everyone!

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