7 thoughts on “Teach Them How to Write

  1. HA! Love this! It’s like a miracle come true! Will my students think likewise? Probably not, but it will be interesting to see their reaction.

    Have to test my teens when I get back to the classroom! Their reaction will surely be priceless, but I have to make a plan……wah-hahahaha (evil laugh……)

  2. Martha Koller says:

    Do 21st c. kids still know what a “stuck record” is? I hope so!

  3. I used this TODAY!!! (cue The Twilight Zone theme)

  4. Suzanne Sosa says:

    ooooooooo this is a perfect snapshot of what my gifted/high-achieving 7th grade students do!! (The five word sentence- LOL) I made a copy for each of them to have in their binders and read through everytime they have to write a piece….. thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Amazing. I wish my teacher used something like that when I was in elementary school.

  6. Jacqueline Major says:

    I like this. I like this a great deal. I like this SO much, I’m actually going to engage in battle with the old laminating machine in order to share this gem for all posterity!
    (See what I did there…? Tee Hee!!)

  7. I love all these comments. Thanks, everyone, for being awesome! (wink, wink…)

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