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At Maturity, a Pun is Fully Groan

bulletinboardrandazzoEach morning, I post a fresh sheet of “tearable puns” on the bulletin board outside my classroom door, and as the day unfolds a wide variety of kids (some of them are my actual students, but many more are unknown to me) swing by the board to help themselves to a daily chuckle.

I’ve seen kids linger there at lunch, reading all of the day’s jokes and then carefully choosing a favorite to keep as a bookmark. Others do a fly-by during passing period, blindly grabbing the first pun that touches their hands without breaking stride as they glide down the hall. I’ve even caught lurkers at the board during my prep period, kids on a bathroom break who’re stalling a bit before heading back to class. (See what I did there?)

After a semester of heavy pun consumption, it was time to add some fresh material to keep the hallway entertained, so I built a second set of puns this week to add to my bulletin board rotation.

As always, I love sharing the good stuff, so be sure to grab this fresh set of FREE print-and-post sheets that’ll keep your kids (and colleagues) coming back for more.

Teach on, everyone!

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