bulletinboardrandazzoEach morning, I post a fresh sheet of “tearable puns” on the bulletin board outside my classroom door, and as the day unfolds a wide variety of kids (some of them are my actual students, but many more are unknown to me) swing by the board to help themselves to a daily chuckle.

I’ve seen kids linger there at lunch, reading all of the day’s jokes and then carefully choosing a favorite to keep as a bookmark. Others do a fly-by during passing period, blindly grabbing the first pun that touches their hands without breaking stride as they glide down the hall. I’ve even caught lurkers at the board during my prep period, kids on a bathroom break who’re stalling a bit before heading back to class. (See what I did there?)

After a semester of heavy pun consumption, it was time to add some fresh material to keep the hallway entertained, so I built a second set of puns this week to add to my bulletin board rotation.

As always, I love sharing the good stuff, so be sure to grab this fresh set of FREE print-and-post sheets that’ll keep your kids (and colleagues) coming back for more.


Teach on, everyone!

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  1. I love these! So glad you did the work for me and created a new batch.

    I hang them outside my office and the kids (and adults) at my school do the same thing as yours. For some it is a quick fly-by and grab, others linger and read them all (laughing and/or groaning). Glad my office wall is a sheet of glass so I can watch it all unfold.



  2. Oh, I wish I had one of those walls of glass, JerseyBuckeye. I call those “aquarium rooms” and love seeing other classes in action. Alas, I’m tucked away inside four walls of cinder-block painted institutional green. Meh.


  3. Do you have these to share?


  4. We call our glass rooms “fish bowls” — guess we think along the same lines.

    The glass wall has its pros and cons. It nice to be able to see out, unfortunately, I also feel like I am on display all day long. The other issue is that my office is located inside our school library/media center and I face out towards the desk where students entering the library check in. My view for most of the day is quite unfortunate — students checking into to library with their pants hanging low. Not an ideal view at all. I’d much prefer to see the outside world, sunshine, a sandy beach…

    My other three walls are cinder block in institutional cream — definitely MEH also.


  5. You’re the best, Laura! I just went over puns in preparation for reading “Romeo and Juliet” (your unit, of course!). The students LOVE these! Thank you!


  6. I made the mistake of hanging all three sheets outside my room, and they were all gone by the end of the day! 🙂 I will have to limit them to one a day. lol My principal spotted them, too, so thanks, Laura, for helping me build cred. 😉


  7. Ha! Love this, ladies. So glad everyone’s getting their pun fun Friday fix. 🙂


  8. I printed these off during my lunch break in a quick attempt to add some humor to the day. They were a hit! I received several compliments from students and teachers! Thanks for sharing.


  9. Awesome, MsHrm! So glad you could put these to work right away. 🙂


  10. I put this up today during my prep/lunch for the first time and I kept seeing kids sneak up to it read each one and sheepishly tear a pun off. It was my smile for the afternoon. I love it! Thank you!


  11. And now you just made me smile, too, MrsOBoyle! So glad you’re getting some good use out of these fun little fliers. 🙂


  12. I love these. I usually have a “It’s dangerous to go Solo, take a Wookie with you” tearable sheet with a picture of Han Solo and Chewbacca on it, so I’m going to have to add these to the wall. Thanks!


  13. I’m sending one each day by email to our staff. Positive feedback for the chuckles each day. By the way, I just got the “terrible”-“tearable”- my brain in slow gear!


  14. Love that you’re using these to brighten your colleagues’ email each day. That’s great! Not “tearable” at all. 😀


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