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Mother’s Day & Teens (Free Lesson)

Last week, I was having coffee with my neighbor-friend Jenn, who works as a therapist, and I noticed some adult coloring books on sale at the shop.

“That’s trendy,” I said.

“And therapeutic,” she replied, going on to explain how she often has her teen and adult clients color during their counseling sessions. She even gives some sheets to stressed out clients to complete as homework. Huh. Since everything in my brain circles back to my classroom, I thought, “Okay then, let’s give it a try.”

Click here to grab my newest creation, a free Mother’s Day poetry + coloring card activity.

Five reasons we should break out the colored pencils:
1. Research shows that Jenn’s right – coloring not only lowers students’ stress, but can also boost their grades.
2. It’s state testing season and the kids need a brain break.
3. April is National Poetry Month and this little lesson is an easy way to help kids connect with verse.
4. Moms (and those doing the jobs of moms) deserve more love than they get, especially from our teens.
5. Let’s keep it real – you need a break and probably should color a card, too.

Hope you put these free print-and-go materials to good use. Send me a picture or post and tag me on Instagram. I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Teach on, everyone.

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