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Great Last Lines (Freebie!)

Didya hear? John Green just announced that he’s releasing his next book, his first in five years, on Oct. 10. It’s called Turtles All the Way Down and tells the story of Aza Holmes, a 16-year-old girl with mental illness who investigates the case of a fugitive billionaire. The title, apparently, has to do with an ancient myth that the world is balanced on the back of a giant turtle. You can read more about it here.

The news got me thinking about Green’s first novel, Looking for Alaska. In that story, Pudge Halter falls for the beautiful but emotionally unstable Alaska Young. One of their conversations is about famous last words and Green uses many of those well-known lines to propel Pudge’s story. (Writer Alex Wiess compiled all 21 of the famous last lines used in the novel here.)

This got me thinking about the last line in Green’s book:

And this got me thinking about great last lines in other great books.

And that got me thinking about the Epic Opening Lines bulletin board I built in my classroom this year.

And that got me thinking I should create a companion to that board.

And so I did.

Whew – what a long and wandering path to let you know that I just finished some fresh bulletin board materials (my kid spent two hours in the library as my runner – it was cute) and you can have ‘em, too!

Click here to grab this free Great Last Lines bulletin board that’ll look great in your classroom, hallway, or library.
Click here to grab the free Epic Opening Lines board materials, too.
Want to buy me an iced coffee? Grab this Famous Failures bulletin board set you can use when it’s time to switch out the board.

Teach on, everyone!


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