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Let Hasan Minhaj Tell You a Story

Do yourself a favor and allow this master storyteller to tell you about his senior prom. Hasan Minhaj, you may know him from The Daily Show, takes us back to 2003, when he was a Muslim teen growing up in mostly white Davis, California. No spoilers here, but I promise his story is one that’ll get your kids talking.

Note: The language of Minhaj’s charming podcast is clean, but one curse word is bleeped and he does say “Jesus” once in an exasperated voice. The story is appropriate for high school students, but you should listen to the podcast before using in class to make sure the content is a good match for your students. Obviously.

Click here to listen.

I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll use this 15-minute podcast as a supplement to my Romeo & Juliet unit or as a model of show-not-tell details in personal narrative, but Minhaj has definitely earned a home somewhere on my class calendar.

Feel free to create your own discussion questions to help your students dig deeper into Minhaj’s story or grab my set of handouts here. A bundle of all five of my Listen & Learn lessons, including this one, is also available here at a 20% discount. Hope you like ‘em!

Teach on, everyone.

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