Do You “Like” Me?

Confession time: I’m Facebook dumb. I’ve never really understood social media. All that liking and tagging and following leaves me as confused as my grandpa at Starbucks.

All I want is a black cup of coffee. I mean, all I want is share cool ideas and resources with my English teacher friends. This blog and my TpT shop started simply enough, but slowly things grew and now I’m on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and, yes, Facebook. Sorry, Twitter people, I just can’t go there yet. Or maybe ever.

Earlier this month, a new friend explained there’s a difference between a FB “profile” and “page.” After we first met, she Facebooked me (that’s a verb now, you know), “friended” me, and then gently asked if perhaps I didn’t need a little help. I’ve been doing FB all wrong, it seems, but I’m pumped to set things right.

I now have an official page (seems Zuckerberg gets mad if we use a “profile” for “page” stuff), while still feeding my anemic personal page. I mean, profile. Feel free to like/follow/meld/fuse with either my profile or page – I’m happy to have you join my inner circle.

The main reason I’m forcing myself into this discomfort zone is to help more teachers find the blog. I have so much stuff to share in the archives (click here for an A to Z list of topics) but the traffic stats show that a lot of folks just don’t know I’m here; apparently, I’m not “noisy” enough in social media.

So I’m asking a favor – if you like anything you’ve ever used from the blog (a free item, a favorite product, a tip or trick), could you mention that item on whatever social media platforms you use and link back to my blog? Every like, share, follow, tag, subscription, and comment helps.

It’s nearly back-to-school season and there are ideas and resources here that could ease our colleagues’ pain, but I can’t find them without a little help from my “friends.” I mean, friends.

Summer on, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Do You “Like” Me?

  1. Cynthia Brinson says:

    Will do everything I can to help you be “noisier”!!

  2. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about, Cynthia. Big hug! 🙂

  3. Joanne Rasby says:

    Laura, I want to give you an “adore” rather than just a “like” but I’m even more clueless than you! (For example, I don’t know where this message has gone or if I have butted into another conversation even!) Regardless, keep it up because you inspire me, even if I can’t share it. (That’s a thing, right?)

  4. Oh, Joanne, I totally understand and appreciate your note! I think of myself as somewhat tech-savvy, but the past week has been a lot of “Wait…what?” as I’m figuring out all of the Facebook stuff. And, to answer one of your other notes, there’s a slight delay in blog comments going public because I want to read and respond to every one. Having the delay also helps me prevent spammers from clogging up the comments section. Anyway, thanks for the love! Even commenting on the blog like this helps Google search engines notice us and our little teacher tribe, so good job! 🙂

  5. Ivy Hendrix says:

    I feel like I mention you a lot in comments in a great group called 2ndaryELA. You might think about joining the group if you haven’t already!!

  6. Thanks, Ivy, for the Facebook love! I’m happy to have it. 🙂 I stumbled onto this same group earlier this month when I started to finally figure out FB. Without a doubt, the 2ndaryELA group is my favorite thing about Facebook. SO many great people and ideas over there. Thanks again for helping to spread my ideas and resources over there. I can’t do this alone!

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