Grading Hacks Episode #4

If time is money, here are six more ways to feel well-compensated:

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Teach on, everyone.

10 thoughts on “Grading Hacks Episode #4

  1. Laura, what do you use to make these videos where you can bring in graphics and presentations? I’m curious about flipped classrooms for summer reading and would love to experiment with the software!

  2. Hi Mrs. Ford,
    Happy to help! I use iMovie to edit my video clips, a program that allows us to drop jpg images onto the screen. If you want to use just a voice-over on prepared slides, you can do that with screen-casting software, like QuickTime. Both iMovie and QuickTime came installed on my laptop, so I didn’t have to buy anything extra to jump into video production. I also search YouTube anytime there’s a tech wrinkle I need to iron out. Happy filming! 🙂

  3. Great hacks! I hope to stick to the “grade papers at school” and “master your calendar” ideas this year. So many peripherals do consume all of my free time.

    I’ve heard you mention your “TA” a few times, but how do you acquire one? I would love to have an extra set of hands.

  4. Awesome, Michelle! Glad some of these ideas will give you some breathing room this fall. For TAs, students sign up for that option as an elective when we do scheduling and then it’s up to them to find a teacher who’ll take them as their assigned helper. Sometimes, the counseling office will also have a list of upperclassmen to place with teachers, but my best TAs have always been my current/former students. If your school doesn’t offer this, maybe it’s a good conversation to raise with your administrative team? Hope you get a good one! 🙂

  5. LOVE your videos; I always learn something wonderful!

    Also, awesome that your district/school pays you to sub for a period. Not happening up in here. 🙁

  6. Bummer, Alison. That stinks. Maybe you and your fellow teachers should set up your own quid-pro-quo for subbing, eh? You wouldn’t get bonus pay, but bonus prep time is still super valuable. Just an idea…

  7. Great idea. This will be my second year at a new school; it takes time to get to know the teachers who don’t teach at the same time I do!

  8. Indeed, Alison. We’re all so busy that it’s hard to look up and notice a new friend next door. Don’t worry, though. You’ll find your teacher homies and, if not, you always have us here at the blog. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the videos, Laura! Would you ever consider showing some freshmen calendar planning? I think you had a junior schedule last year…


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