Want to amuse and motivate your kids? Let’s build a Famous Failures bulletin board!

One of my greatest joys is seeing the materials I build in action in my colleagues’ classrooms. For example, some folks are using these pages as a growth mindset matching game (so clever!):

Others have posted the pages to fill open bulletin boards in their classrooms and hallways:

A huge thanks to my teacher peeps who shared these photos!

Click here to grab your own set of print-and-post bulletin board materials. You could build this display yourself, but I suggest having two Type-A student volunteers put it together for you – that’ll make this the easiest classroom decor ever AND their lines are guaranteed to be more evenly spaced than the ones I did on my board in the video. I tried, folks.

Using some of my stuff in class? PLEASE snap a photo and let me know. You have no idea how much these posts brighten my day! Tag me on Instagram (@randazzo_laura) or Facebook (@randazzled). Teach on, everyone.

Fortune cookie photo used with permission: Yevkusa, Flickr, CC2.0

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. I noticed that you specified 8 grade or higher. I would like to use this for my 6 grade class. Is there inappropriate material that you feel would not be good for students of that age? Thanks for your reply.
    Rose Anne Noll


  2. Great question, Rose Anne! I’m so glad you checked in with me. The bulk of the contents of the bulletin board will be fine for sixth graders, but there is one that mentions JK Rowling and how she briefly considered suicide which is why I tagged this item for grades eight and up. I haven’t taught sixth grade for a l-o-n-g time, so I’m not sure if a conversation about suicide is appropriate at that age. Definitely check out the preview of this item on the TpT page, which might give you a better idea if this will work in your classroom.

    Again, really glad you checked in with me! 🙂


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