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Building Growth Mindset

Want to amuse and motivate your kids? Let’s build a Famous Failures bulletin board!

One of my greatest joys is seeing the materials I build in action in my colleagues’ classrooms. For example, some folks are using these pages as a growth mindset matching game (so clever!):

Others have posted the pages to fill open bulletin boards in their classrooms and hallways:

A huge thanks to my teacher peeps who shared these photos!

Click here to grab your own set of print-and-post bulletin board materials. You could build this display yourself, but I suggest having two Type-A student volunteers put it together for you – that’ll make this the easiest classroom decor ever AND their lines are guaranteed to be more evenly spaced than the ones I did on my board in the video. I tried, folks.

Using some of my stuff in class? PLEASE snap a photo and let me know. You have no idea how much these posts brighten my day! Tag me on Instagram (@randazzo_laura) or Facebook (@randazzled). Teach on, everyone.

Fortune cookie photo used with permission: Yevkusa, Flickr, CC2.0

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