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October = College Letters of Recommendation

Has the parade of seniors started knocking down your door yet?

Click here for the free Letter of Recommendation Request Form:


Click here for a collection of 20 sample letters for the following types of students:
1. All-Around Nice Kid
2. Athlete-Scholar-Leader
3. Community Service Volunteer
4. Empathizer/Big-Hearted Kid
5. English Language Learner
6. Enthusiastic Hobbyist
7. Future Graphic Designer
8. Future Journalist
9. Future Lawyer
10. Future Musician or Artsy Writer
11. Likeable Underachiever
12. Kid with Lots of Medical Absences
13. Pillar of Moral Strength
14. Role Model for My Own Child
15. Quiet Science Student
16. Warrior for Social Justice
17. Embodiment of Growth Mindset
18. Sweet Kid from Low-Income Family
19. Kid with Tenacious Work Ethic
20. Well-Rounded Student
This bundle also includes two bonus letters of recommendation for a student teacher and co-worker. Hope these help restore some precious prep time.

Teach on, everyone!

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