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Famous Failures #2 Even More Growth Mindset

Can you name the famous figures who faced the following?

Ready for the answers? Here we go!

The first set of Famous Failures bulletin board materials were such a hit I knew I needed to build a second set. Click here to see my newest collection of 24 historic and modern examples of famous people who picked themselves up after early career failure.

I use the materials as an interactive bulletin board, but other teacher friends have modified the materials to create a matching game/discussion starter, perfect for the launch for a new semester. Another recently told me that he plans to project one clue at the beginning of class each Monday and reveal the answer at the end of the hour. Sounds like a good plan to me, and I suggested he vary the order because one class will surely blab the answer to friends in later class periods. Like they have nothing better to talk about, right?

Hope you check out this easy way to encourage our teens to keep on keepin’ on, an important message as we hit the mid-year slog. Teach on, everyone!

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