180 Days of H.S. English

And…it’s done! The 20Time2018 project – a full-year curriculum for English 9-10 – is complete. As always, I made a video to show you what I did and what I learned along the way:

Interested in bringing 20Time to your students? Click here for a free set of 20Time materials:

Click here to see more of this year’s project, the full-year download of 180 days of lesson materials:

Click here to grab the free calendar pages mentioned at the end of the video:

Did you also participate in a 20Time project this spring? If so, leave a reply below and let the world know what you did and what you learned. Teach on, everyone!

14 thoughts on “180 Days of H.S. English

  1. Congratulations! I love starting curriculum projects, but finishing them? That’s a challenge 🙂

  2. Thanks so much, A Softer Shade of Red! I hear you and may I suggest announcing your project publicly to the world? That’s a sure way to hold your feet to the fire. Ack! 😉

  3. Congratulation! Well done!

    I could so relate to your video! All those niggling fears yapping away in the back of our heads, BUT I do work well having a due date. I always reach my dates completed, even if it means an all nighter or two!

    At the moment I’m battling a few fears to teaching at home, but I’ll beat them one way or another. As you said, they’re just big fat liars! 😀

    Again, congratulations for yet another job well done! 😀

  4. Thanks, Carolyn! Ab-so-lute-ly, our fears need to be told to just shut up and let us work. Glad you’re with me!

  5. Just watched the video, and OMGosh, seriously, I’m so excited for you! This is such a huge accomplishment!!!! The organization is perfect, and it’s so helpful that you listed the CCSS for every day. Wow!

    I totally remember when you started your project and introduced us to George. He’s big now! Love the pics. 🙂 Also, when you told us about your plan to wake up at 3am, I remember a couple times thinking to myself, “Ughhhh…6am….sooo early. Hmmm, Laura has been up working for 3 hours already. Stop complaining.” I’m HORRIBLE at waking up. I think I’d have to do it opposite and work up until 3am, then go to sleep. That’s amazing.

    Any way you look at it, you are awesome, and I’m so happy for you! Take some time for you and your family to celebrate or relax or whatever you want because you are done! Yay! Okay, I promise to stop stalking you everywhere now. Hehee! 🙂 Bye!

  6. Way to go, Laura! No one doubted your ability to accomplish this goal, but isn’t sweet satisfaction to produce something with such scope and sequence?

  7. Oh yeah, Tara, the early bird thing is super-annoying to my family, all night owls. Somehow, though, we make it work. They’ve grown to accept that dinner will be at 5 p.m. and that I’m OUT at 9 p.m. (And thanks for your notes here and over at TpT – these help Google search notice the blog. Appreciate it!)

  8. Thanks, Valerie! Well…I definitely had some doubts, especially in early Feb. And, yes, it is so nice to be d-o-n-e! This is the material I wish I had when I entered my first classroom 20 years ago. Hope it helps the next generation as they change and improve education; it’s awesome to think I can play a small role in all of that. 🙂

  9. kriseenie says:

    I did 20Time with my 8th graders, and one of my students decided she was going to raise money for women who miscarry or have stillborn babies. She donated clay for the hand molds, blankets, a tiny coffin, $600 (donated to her from local businesses) and care packages to the hospital. She even made the local news! I am really proud of her, and grateful to you for the great idea.

  10. Oh, kriseenie, that is amazing work! Please share my congratulations with your student. Her compassion and ability to make an impact on her community is inspiring. Bravo!

  11. Trina Wilson says:

    I am super stoked that you did this project. (Maybe even inspired enough to do my own!) I have a question for you. Last year, I bought a huge sum of money’s worth of products that were on your TpT site specifically for grades 9-10. Now, I am sad because I worked through your curriculum layout per week that you had posted at one time and went from there (also buying up materials that I saw on that). I think I have a ton of what you have on this plan, but obviously not all. Is there a method to working through getting what I don’t have without paying for the whole unit which includes lots of stuff that I do have?
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  12. Absolutely, Trina. Don’t be sad. Be happy! You definitely don’t have to double-pay for those items you already own that are also included in the full-year curriculum. That wouldn’t be right. The TpT site administrators have set up a path to fix exactly the situation you’re facing. Here’s what to do: After you purchase the full-year curriculum, let the TpT customer service folks know about individual items you’ve previously purchased via this Google Form:

    Then, the TpT folks will refund the cost of the individual items to your credit card, debit card, or Paypal once they confirm your account history that shows the double-purchase. That’s the easiest way to handle this. Also, please note that the maximum total refund that can be given is the $199 cost of the bundle.

    Hope this is helpful info. and gets you all the tools you need to lighten that prep load. Have a great week!
    🙂 Laura

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