It’s late April. State testing is done (whew!), upperclassmen are ramping up for A.P. tests, and everyone’s just wrung out. How about we take a bit of time on an upcoming Friday and destress with this free poetry/coloring activity that’ll make all those hard-working moms out there feel good?

Click the image to grab a copy:

This is definitely a Mother’s Day-themed activity and the poetry bits are odes to maternal love, but some of our kids don’t have a mom in their lives so I was careful to also include this slice of Whitman that celebrates the general awesomeness of all women that can be shared with grandmas, aunties, and mentors:

There’s also a Father’s Day version of this activity, which makes a nice post-final exam activity in June. Click here for the free Father’s Day poetry card materials.

I’ve used these holiday card activities to fill random holes in our schedule, offered them as an optional Friday SSR swap-out activity, handed them out to early test finishers, and sent them home as optional ungraded materials. I suppose they’d even be a good take-and-make display board in a library or hallway.

So…whattya say? Let’s turn on some chill music and break out the colored pencils. Teach on, everyone!

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Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for so many wonderful resources! I love this!

    Cara Poelstra


  2. Yea! I’m so glad, Cara. Thanks for following the blog. 🙂


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