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Bell-Ringers for the Win!

I know it’s only July, and I also know you’re probably already thinking about the fall. Today, let’s talk about a routine that helps successfully launch class each day:

Click here to see a M.U.G. Shot mini-lesson in action.

Click here to check out my M.U.G. Shot semester #1 materials.

Click here for Lit. Term Tuesday materials.

Click here for Words on Wed. semester #1 materials.

Click here for free Sustained Silent Reading (S.S.R.) materials.

Click here to read more about the nuts-and-bolts of the S.S.R. program.

Click here to read the Quarter Trios blog post.

Click here to learn more about the no-cheat vocabulary quiz strategy.

Click here for Brain Teasers semester #1 materials.

Click here for Commonly Confused Words/Homophones semester #1 materials.

Am I wrong about daily SSR and/or journals? What’s working for you as a class starter? Leave a reply below and share your success! Teach on, everyone.

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