My #1 Lesson Plan Resource

Apparently, it’s turned into the Summer of Video around here, so let’s keep the momentum rolling. This week, I’m talking about, a tool that can restore our free time, make us more thoughtful about our classroom practices, and connect us to an international network of teacher friends.

Want your school to cover your purchases? Of course you do! Click here to learn how your administrator can set up an account for your school:

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Teach on, everyone!

13 thoughts on “My #1 Lesson Plan Resource

  1. You missed showing Taiwan in your panover….. watching (and loving) your videos on the other side of the world. 🙂

  2. Darn it, Sunnie! I knew I was moving too quickly while filming that segment. Taiwan = 1,689 views AWESOME!

  3. I absolutely love all of your resources! The quality of your work is incredible. I put everything on my wishlist and then purchase what I need most every payday! Thank you for all of your hard work!

  4. I also love all of your videos!

  5. You are too kind, Angel! I appreciate your support of my work, but I also want you to consider asking your school to provide you with these tools. The TpT for Schools program could be just the thing to help you keep more of your hard-earned dollars where they belong – in YOUR pocketbook. Spread the word!

  6. Margaret Willis says:

    Laura, you are simply fabulous . Every resource purchased from you has been aligned to our curriculum, engaged my students, and has been easy to implement. I have never regretted buying any of your resources. I’m a complete nerd and am so excited to use your material in class. Wish I could win a day to audit your classroom. I also ecommend you to others. Keep creating!

  7. What a wonderful note, Margaret! Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I’ve had a rough day with my tech (some days, things just refuse to work right – grr…), so it’s gratifying to hear that my efforts are appreciated. We all work so hard – we should all get notes like this. 🙂 If you keep reading, I’ll keep blogging!

  8. Jennie L Hanna says:

    Your work has been making me look good for years! I am actually attempting 20 Time this year as well, so I’ll be sure to give you your dues when I get compliments for it as well. Thanks for all the hard work and being an inspiration to us educators who consistently try to make learning as innovative and fun as possible.

  9. Oh, Jennie, I’m so excited that you’re ready to give 20Time a try! It’s really brought a ton of fresh energy and ideas to my classroom. Your spring semester will definitely fly by. Check back in and let us know what your teacher project is going to be. 😉

  10. Kendall Childs says:

    Love all of your resources and I love TPT. It has been a God send. I think the bee just wanted a cameo. Recovering from total knee replacement surgery in SoCal. That’s my summer so far. Looking forward to next week’s video.

  11. Oh my gosh, Kendall, I’m right there with you! I’m set to fly to Albuquerque in about a week to spend some time as my sister’s nursemaid. She’s having that same knee surgery. Meh.

  12. Sarah Robert says:

    Oh Laura, I SO enjoy all of your videos- you’re amazing! I wish you taught in my area!! Maybe you want to switch to Geography or Social Sciences?? (Anthro, Soc and Psych are AWESOME!!) hehe

    I wish TPT also had more Canadian content, or a Canadian version! Maybe one day!!

  13. Ha, Sarah! The funny thing is that I actually do also have a social science credential, but I’m certain I’d be The Worst History Teacher of All Time. After all these years in an English classroom, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. As for Canadian authors on TpT, maybe it’s time you joined the ranks, eh? 😉

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