Wait…Kids Will Try To Cheat?

This week’s blog post is here a bit early because…well, check out the announcement at the end of the video. Today, I’m giving the second half of the TeachersPayTeachers.com story as I discuss some of the pitfalls that can occur when we choose lesson materials from the site.

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6. Edgar Allan Poe author biography worksheet

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Teach on, everyone!

14 thoughts on “Wait…Kids Will Try To Cheat?

  1. Kendall Childs says:

    Hey Laura . . . It is sad, but yes, students cheat. Also, I hate it when students tell me they did that story in the 8th grade. I always tell them a good story is worth reading more than once. I wish your sister a speedy recovery from her knee surgery. It is very stressful and it is mentally and emotional harder than one might think. I get my staples out tomorrow, yeah. Have a good rest of your summer. Take care and thanks for all that you do to help teachers.

  2. Thanks, Kendall, for being such a faithful blog supporter. BIG HUGS as you get back up and running (okay, maybe just walking for awhile) on that new knee. Take care of yourself! 🙂

  3. Kristi Moore says:

    Thanks for this! You gave me some great food for thought about using TpT successfully in the classroom.

  4. Thanks for being so open about the pros and cons of online sources. I realized the pitfalls of it years ago when my oldest found a history quiz and key online in a few clicks. Knowing my kids could do the same, I’ve used online sources, esp. free ones, mostly for inspiration. It always makes me smile, though, when I hear them ask Siri one of your questions and “I can’t answer that” is all they get back because Siri isn’t a critical thinker. While I’ve been lucky to have supportive admins who have purchased from TpT for us, the saved time is also worth my own $2 (or even $20).

    We also frequently have ELA materials hijacked by lower grades, even though we have a district-wide list with protected texts for all grades. I hate hearing, “Oh, we did this in 6th grade. There’s a puppet and he kills the guy he looks like,” but I get it several times a year. It’s discussed (complained about) in most district meetings, and yet it keeps happening. Not cool. o__o

    Thanks for your supportive and engaging vlogs and materials. Love it all!

  5. Lori Ruiz says:

    Love this video! I’ve read a few times about the stigma about TpT and I think it’s ridiculous! It gives teachers the one thing they need most…time to rest!! Your material has especially given me time on the weekends and weekday evenings to just be home and binge watch TV with my husband. 🙂

  6. Thanks for watching and commenting, Kristi! The topic of cheating can be a crunchy one (I mean, we want to believe the best about our kids), but the reality has to be faced. Hope my experience will help you set an effective plan. 🙂

  7. Thanks for this, jennwilles. Isn’t it funny (or maybe sad?) that we all have the same struggles. Different campus. Same kids. “No, you cannot use your phone to look up the answers, James.” Duh. Let’s keep fighting the good fight!

  8. Amen, Lori! I LOVE knowing that my work has given you more cuddle time with hubs. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! 🙂

  9. Alissa Scowden says:

    Laura, thank you so much for your transparency! It is refreshing and encouraging to hear this, especially coming from someone who educators like me think so highly of. Your work has been a godsend, and I’m so grateful for it especially now that I’m coming back from my wedding and honeymoon not having a CLUE what I’m doing with school. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. Congratulations on your marriage, Alissa!!! It sounds like your priorities are just fine. Love first and then lesson planning. 😉

  11. Barbara Carlson says:

    Hi Laura,
    Thank you for addressing the topic of not wanting to appear to be a lazy teacher by buying and using your curriculum. The units you create are complete packages, but I see that we can also be using them as templates, starting points and inspiration. We can add and subtract, personalize, etc. This is what you do every year too, right? Your units are brought to life by the teacher teaching it. I will be teaching 9th grade English this year for the first time, at a school new to me and outside of the U.S. I want to use your novel, short story, and more units. Your video made me realize that I won’t be just a robot speaking your words. Your materials are not static. I would like to stay in contact with you while I am teaching 9th grade. I hope to share your materials with my co-workers.

  12. So glad you found the blog, Barbara! Absolutely, my classes change every year as I modify things to fit a new crop of students and find new interesting things I want to fold into my calendar. I also tend to get bored quickly and need to keep things fresh for my own sanity. You, too, should take what you like from me and other teachers and then modify things to tailor the experience for your kids and teaching personality. That’s part of the fun!

    Feel free to reach out to me anytime as you work through this new year at your new school. And I love that you want to share my ideas with your co-workers. If they’d like to use any of my actual materials, let them know they can purchase a license (each TpT license allows one teacher to use my materials with only his/her direct students) at a discounted rate if they purchase through your account. Instead of a new purchase, you’d just “add a license” to your previous item and then make that additional purchase. Thanks again for being a member of the blog community. We’re here when you need us! 🙂

  13. Oh my gosh! I hadn’t even thought about that! I have my Gatsby test as a FREE product. (facepalm)

    Thanks for your insight here!

  14. Guess it’s time to write up a fresh exam, Steph. Oops!

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