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This one’s for Nikki, Rose, Marc, and all of the other teachers out there who have agreed to take on the (hopefully rewarding) task of mentoring a student teacher. Today, let’s talk about a few things I learned while serving as a mentor to two student teachers:

So, tell me, what did your mentor/collaborating/cooperative teacher do to help or harm your student teaching experience? What advice can you share with others who are about to take on this role? Leave your reply below!

My first advice video to student teachers

10 more tips for student teachers

Grading Hacks five-part video series

5-Minute essay grading system

Teach on, everyone.

10 thoughts on “Advice for Mentor Teachers

  1. I adore you! I can’t tell you how absolutely giddy I was to see my name on your blog and in the video!! You are my #IDOL!! I have to meet you one day. I’m only three hours away from Boise. It would make my life. #fangirling

    But seriously those tips helped so much! Thinking back, those were all good things my mentor teacher did. You have helped me a ton. I’ll be sure to save this video and watch it as the trimester progresses 😊

  2. Oh, Nikki, you’re so funny! I’m actually grateful for YOUR feedback and suggestions because, after 300+ blog posts, I’m worried I might be running out of things to say. 😉 Enjoy your new student teacher! You’ll both learn much from this process, I’m sure.

  3. Kendall Childs says:

    Last year was my first year being a mentor to a new teacher. Best experience ever. I will be continuing my role as her mentor teacher this year as she finishes year two of the new teacher program. It made me think about the why we do things and how to explain. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  4. Yes, that was my experience, too, Kendall. Having to explain why I do the things I do was illuminating and, as I think I mentioned in the video, planted the seeds that led me to start this blog. Good stuff! She’s lucky to have you for a second year.

  5. Sally Hawkins says:

    Laura, I adore you! Love this video. My colleague and friend, Pearl told me about your blog and how cool she got a shout out!

    p.s. I am purchasing your grading system because the paper load kills me every year. I copy edit every paper because I truly believe that is how my students will become better writers but now starting my 10th year, I’m already tired. Looking forward to jumping in and learning your system. Thank you.

  6. Oh, Sally, isn’t our Pearl a delight?!! And, yes, we MUST find a way to conquer the paper grading monster. Those codes have been my salvation – no doubt. Give my best to PUSD! 😉

  7. Haha! I haven’t taught for a while now and have just been mentoring teachers and watching teacher videos for fun, as you say! It was nice to watch a video that applied to me directly! Thanks for all of the enthusiastic tips!

  8. My pleasure, swtspontaneous! And thanks for helping to train our next generation of edu-rock stars. 🙂

  9. Paula Getzin says:

    Love all your videos, materials, advice… Over the summer, I came across your short clip on how to handle the student with four steps: compliment, shock/surprise, etc… I would like to share that with some colleagues and now I cannot find it. Could you give me the title or link. Thanks. Appreciate it. Appreciate all your sharing. Would love to come spend a week and shadow you 🙂

    Paula Getzin

  10. So glad you’re part of my little ol’ English teacher world, Paula! Yes, I still have that video up on my YouTube channel: (Warning: I’m SO awkward in this, but I think the advice is solid so I’ve left it up. *shrug*) Hope this works for some of your friends. Teach on! 🙂

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