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First Five Days of School

You ready? Day 1 starts soon, so let’s talk about some lesson plan ideas for the first five days of school:

Month-by-month calendars for English 9 or 10 (free download):

My favorite classroom seating arrangement:

First day stations overview/explanation:

First day stations materials and “You are here” worksheet (free download):

The Only 4 Classroom Rules You Need:

Class contract (free download):

Using memes in your classroom (blog post):

How to Teach Grammar in Just 10 Minutes a Week:

MUG Shot Monday bell-ringers (paid product):

Lit. Term Tuesday bell-ringers (paid product):

Sustained Silent Reading/SSR (free download):

Words on Wednesday bell-ringers (paid product):

Power of Punctuation lesson materials (paid product):

Email Netiquette lesson materials (paid product):

All lesson materials mentioned in today’s video are also included in the Full-Year 180 Days of Eng. 9-10 Curriculum (paid product):

Music used with permission of Sing King:

Whew! That’s a lot of links and a lot of hair-dos. I know no one’s actually going to read through all of those (it’s still summer vacation, for cryin’ out loud), but they’re there when you need them. Teach on, everyone.

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