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Years ago, a friend told me that starting a blog is like adopting a baby dinosaur. Sure, everyone wants a baby dinosaur. I mean, think of the cuteness. The trouble, of course, is that a baby dinosaur grows bigger (and bigger!) and the not-as-cute critter still needs to be fed and the poop still needs to be scooped.

So it is for my pet project, Don’t get me wrong, I love my dinosaur. My blog is my heart, my tiny cozy corner of the world wide web. Still, I worry I might be running out of feed.

Many folks abandon their baby dinosaurs, leaving those blogs to wither and die. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of these; when a blogger hasn’t posted anything in more than a year, I think of that site as a fossil. Publish or perish as the academics say, eh?

Yet after nearly five years and 300+ posts, the feed supply has dwindled and I fear I’ve started repeating myself. I fear I’ve started repeating myself. See what I mean? Here’s where you can help. Tell me, what do you need? What topics do you want covered? Education news briefs and/or debates? Reports on the books I’m reading? More details about the curriculum I build? Resource round-ups? More reader Q&As? Fewer Q&As?

One wrinkle is that I’m stymied by my current work contract. I can’t share pictures of the kids (obviously), but I’m also prohibited from posting a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g from work. Because I make money selling curriculum (thank you for contributing to my kid’s college fund, by the way), I need to keep my online and real-life professional worlds apart.

That being said, I’d love for you to leave a reply below and let me know what to add to my blog topic brainstorm list for the new year. Can’t promise I’ll be able to turn every suggestion into an article, but I’ll try my best. Together, we can keep this little ol’ dinosaur alive.

Teach on, everyone.

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