I can’t draw, but this 90-second tutorial makes me feel like I can:

Now, I won’t use this in class – drawing cute animals isn’t exactly standards-aligned – but we might want to open our classrooms at lunch one day this week to let kids make valentines, share the idea with our librarians for a pop-up station, or send the link to our art or elementary teacher friends. Just thought this one is too cute not to share.

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Thanks to The Teacher Next Door for alerting me to this resource. Her Facebook page is aimed at elementary educators, but it still feeds all of us with humor and ideas. If you’re on Facebook, you should check her out


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  1. I love this idea. Thank you for sharing such an awesome way to make connections with students.


  2. My pleasure, Tina. Thought it might be a fun little add-on to whatever we’re doing this week. 😉


  3. Brilliant. I’m going to see if my art-loving sons will make some of these to sell and raise money for charity in school.


  4. They are fun to make, AB. 😉


  5. I did this with my 6th grade advisory yesterday and they all pretended to hate it because they are SO cool but they all secretly loved it. 🙂 I gave mine to my two kids who both looked on the back for a clue that I had bought it because they didn’t believe I drew them. (no artistic ability here). Thanks so much for always having ways to keep my students engaged!


  6. Happy Valentine’s Day, Kristin! Your kids sound adorable to me. 😀


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