Need a fresh bulletin board or classroom door display? You’ll want to grab this set of posters created by the talented Mike Rawls, an school library media specialist from Atlanta.

His growing collection, built in honor of Women’s History Month, currently includes 32 notable women – “some in politics, sports, entertainment, and activism but all in power, grace, and inspiration,” he says.

Click here to download his free poster pack.

Rawls, who has also worked as an elementary teacher, runs The Book Wrangler blog, a delightful place where he’s “wrangling up the best in children’s literature” and inspiring his fellow librarians with, among other things, book-related art lessons like this and gorgeous library displays like this.

Thanks to my friend Ashley Million Bible, a.k.a. Building Book Love, who alerted me to The Book Wrangler’s awesomeness via her Instagram channel this week. She’s also a wealth of resources and good ideas. Be sure to check her out!

All artwork in this post is owned by Mike Rawls and has been used with permission.

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  1. You just solved my “What the heck am I going to put in the hallway bulletin board” problem. Thanks!


  2. Awesome, Johnston’s ELA Gems! But we should be thanking Mike. I’m just the messenger. 🙂

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  3. Well, I’m following him now because of you, so I’m sure I’ll be thanking him many times in the future!


  4. I’m his new follower, too! He *almost* makes me wish I taught the little ones. Almost.

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  5. A dog’s age ago, before I was certified, I was a sub for three years. I knew then that the littles weren’t for me. They need more patience than I possess! The youngest I’ve taught is 6th grade, and I think I scared the tar out of them! 😂

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  6. It’s kind of creepy they don’t have faces, like they’re being erased all over again.


  7. I was feeling the silhouettes as more iconic than creepy, Julie, but I do fear my kids will draw cartoon faces on them when I’m not looking. I plan to laminate them and post them up high. If you’re not into them, that’s cool, too. There are lots of other free poster sets over at TpT, too. 🙂


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