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“Homewrecker” – Would You or Wouldn’t You?

I need your help with a judgment call. This month, one of my favorite podcasts, Criminal, detailed the compelling case of a real estate agent whose life was nearly destroyed by false online rumors. This episode and the issues it raises would make an excellent supplement to our American Literature students’ study of The Crucible, but I’m hesitant to build those materials because…well…this topic is just so…unsettling.

The episode is school-appropriate; there’s no swearing and the graphic content is sideswept. The issues are important. Part of me thinks this is exactly what our students need to study and discuss. Another part of me suspects I’d unleash all kinds of drama by introducing the topic. For instance, if you visit the site mentioned in the piece, you’ll see it’s incredibly vile.

If you have 24 minutes (by the way, that’s the perfect episode length to use in a single-class period lesson), take a listen:

Here’s the question: Would you use this podcast in your class?
I’m thinking I’d use this only with a mature group of 11th or 12th graders and only late in the term once I know the kids and know they can handle this discussion. Still, I wonder if it’s even worth it to go there with our students. What do you think? Leave a reply below and share your thoughts.

Sidenote: Just a heads-up that I’m going to take the next three Saturdays off from blogging so I can focus on finishing my 20Time project. I love y’all and the blog, but weekly posts are a distraction from my writing project time, as you can imagine. I’ll still respond to your comments and questions (of course!), but I just need more time to sit, think, and WRITE. I’ll be back with my 20Time results report on April 20. Teach on.

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