The year-long experiment has begun! For this academic year, I’m bringing little drops of high school English to YouTube as direct-to-student flipped instruction and teacher prep. The “homework” you’ll hear me mention is being left by folks in the YouTube comment threads (if you want, join the fun here) and you’ll find the links for the slides shown below each video.

Okay, here’s what happened on the YouTube channel this week:

  1. MUG Shot Monday – Up first, an explanation of what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. The video ends with some mechanics, usage and grammar practice:

Click here for a semester-long set of these mechanics, usage, and grammar bell-ringer slides.

2. Words on Wednesday – SAT-level vocabulary:

Click here for a semester-long set of these vocabulary bell-ringer slides.

3. Freestyle Friday – How to email teachers/professors a.k.a. Email Netiquette:

Click here for Email Netiquette lesson materials.

Hope you’re set for a great new school year! I’ll be back next week with more.
Teach on, everyone.

Join the conversation! 8 Comments

  1. RE: Reaction to YouTube Posts
    Dear Professor Randazzo,
    I just read your blog post and watched your videos. As a user of your Year Long Curriculum, my reaction to this additional resource is:
    **Love, love, love! Thank you!**
    I can pop these links into my classroom for students who missed the class review or for those who need supplemental help! Brilliant…and THANK YOU!! (Yes, I am shouting…just want to make sure you can hear me all the way from Michigan.)
    Sincerely, Your Great Lakes Fan


  2. Oh my gosh, Karen! This just made my day. So funny. 😀


  3. Is it weird that I’m spending my last few days of vacation at the beach binge watching your videos?! Thanks so much!


  4. It’s only weird if we make it weird, Christine. 🙂 Put on some more sunscreen!


  5. This…is….freaking AWESOME!!! Laura I caught you on Youtube and….thank God there are some English teachers putting this out there! There is so much I wish I had in 2015 when I started (and now my wife is on her second year….for all I know she is already watching…for sure she uses MUG shots). All I had was Jim Burke and as good as he is, I couldn’t really follow or get it all figured out. So this would have done so much.


  6. You are very kind, William, and I appreciate the note of support. Video is so scary, but I keep moving forward because I, too, wish something like this existed when I was beginning way back in ’97. Yeah…pretty sure that means I’ve been teaching longer than YouTube has existed. Ha! Give your wife a big ol’ high-five, too. As we all know, Year 2 is SO MUCH BETTER than Year 1. 🙂


  7. Hi Laura,
    My name is Azlina. I’m from Malaysia. I have been on a 5 year break.Seriously, switched career as a stay at home Mom of five kids.

    Tomorrow I return to school hopefully embarking on a new adventure😊. Obviously nervousness is there. Somehow destiny showed me your YouTube..You are a God Send!!!

    So thanks is not just the word to say.May all your sincere efforts be Rewarded..

    Terima kasih Cikgu/ Thank You Teacher!



  8. Congratulations, Azlina, on returning to the fold! So glad you’re here with me on the blog. By all means, don’t hesitate to let me know if questions/concerns arise as you get back up and running. There’s a wonderful community of teachers here just waiting to help. Enjoy your first day back! 🙂


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