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Reading Tracker: Beautiful, Easy & Fun

Today’s drop of brilliance comes from Jess, a fellow bookworm and middle school English teacher. With her permission, I’m sharing a tangible and beautiful way to motivate your kids to keep reading their SSR books. Each year, Jess runs a light-hearted reading competition among her class periods. Whenever a kid finishes a book (and in my world that’d include successfully completing a Book Talk), they write their name and book title on a slip that gets added to their class period’s paper chain. Each class is marked with a different color.

Here’s what Jess’ chains look like right now in the first month of school:

And here’s what they looked like at the end of last year:

Jess’ students read more than 1,300 books last year and enjoyed the visual reminder of their progress. “I try to dispel any competition between classes,” she said on her Instagram feed. “[This year’s] kids are already starting the ‘at the end the winners get to…’ I just keep saying we will definitely have a big celebration of reading at the end of the year. One of my favorite parts is that the students start cheering on each link and noticing when classmates are adding to it.”

Amen, Jess. The prize? It really doesn’t need to be anything at all. Reading great books and celebrating our collective process is what matters. Jess herself is a voracious reader and you should follow her/dig into the book recommendations on her IG feed, @reading_up_with_jones.

Teach on, everyone!

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