Kids are wise to my ways, and I’m working to stay a step ahead of them with this all-new set of Quarter Trio brain teaser questions. Yup! Volume #5 has arrived.

Ready to quiz yourself? Let’s go!

BrainTeasersWant this set of 38 questions/answers for your classroom? Click here and let the good times roll:

Teach on, everyone!

Hyena, dog, and pineapple image credit: Pixabay, Public domain

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Hi Laura,

    Do you ever find kids are just looking up the answers online as opposed to problem-solving together, or are you okay with that?

    Thank you!


  2. Hey Linda,
    Great question. No, I’m not okay with that. I use these only as in-class work in a tech-free zone, so no phones allowed. I also avoid using the slides that I share with you guys here because my kids know about my blog. 😉


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